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God has given every one of us a story.  It is unique to each one of us because He does unique things in the life of every believer.  Allow yourself to be encouraged by the stories of these South Belt Church members.




Kay C. 

My life was about Me. When I met my husband, his Christian family began to pray for me. Through their living testimony I realized I needed Jesus in my life and asked Him to be my Savior. Eighteen years later, I had a brain aneurysm that paralyzed my left side.  When I was at my weakest He gave me strength. He hasn’t healed my body yet, but He has healed my heart. Now He is my Savior and Lord. My life is about serving Him.


Leo L. 

I was lost and didn’t go to church even though my family did. Every Sunday night my wife, Dalila, would explain what she learned in her Bible study and invited me to church, but I was never ready.  One Sunday morning after my family left for church, a feeling came over me.  I had to know more about God and decided to join my family.  You should have seen my wife's face when sat down next to her. I felt so much love for God at South Belt Church. Since then I accepted Christ as my Savior and was baptized.  Now I love God and walk with Him on my spiritual journey. 


Doug P.

I became a Christian at a young age, years before I had done anything our culture would call “evil.”  Still, I recognized then that I had done wrong and needed to be forgiven.  I knew that God has a standard for how people live that is too high for anyone to meet, even if they are a “good person.”  So I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and to be my Savior.  Even though I still make mistakes, I know that I have been cleared of everything I’ve done wrong – past, present, and future.

Lynnette P.

Before I knew Jesus, I was a good person by the world’s standards, though I did have quite a temper.  I knew I needed Jesus when I realized my “little” sins are still sins in God’s eyes and that the punishment for all sins is death.  I know I have now put my whole trust in Jesus as the only way to get to heaven, depending on Him instead of my own good works.  After I received Jesus as my Savior, my life began to change slowly.  My temper no longer flares as it used to, though daily I feel the struggle between my human nature and the Spirit of God within me.

Bob T.

Having been raised in the church I thought I was a good person and a Christian even though I did not regularly attend church as an adult. In my forties I found a church home and regularly attended. Influenced by friends there, I joined bible study classes held in the evening during the week. It took about three years of studying to realize I did not have a relationship with Christ. That night after class I went home and asked Christ to come into my life. I now try to make it my goal in life to put Christ first always. 

Larry W.

I grew up in the church and was active in the youth group, but I came to realize that I did not have it all figured out. During a Sunday morning service in 1970, after summer camp, I knew that it was time to make a commitment. I accepted Christ and was baptized. Several years later, I entered the Navy and began to drift away due to peer pressure and a lack of dedication. After many years of doing it my way, I knew that God was drawing me back. I wrestled with my indiscretions and then remembered that God always wants me with Him and would forgive me again. I have returned to the church and am enjoying the new things He has put in my life. 



Doug P.

One day my wife Lynnette told me that some Jehovah’s Witnesses came by for a visit.  As she told me about it, I mentioned that they believe Jesus is not God, but that He was God’s first creation.  In dispute of this, I mentioned the numerous places in the book of John where Jesus makes an “I am” statement (I am the Bread of Life, I am the Good Shepherd, etc...).  These are significant because in Exodus 3 after Moses asked God His name, God replied, “I AM.”  I think one of the strongest places this occurs in John’s Gospel is when Jesus said, “Before Abraham was, I am,” to which the religious people picked up stones to kill Him for claiming to be God.

Anyway, we decided to have fun with sidewalk chalk on our back patio after the girls went to bed that night.  During a game of Hangman, I selected the word “INASMUCH” for Lynnette to guess.  After she correctly guessed three letters, Lynnette said, “Whoa.  Look at that.”  I turned to see written on the ground  I_A_M_ _ _.


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